by Ed Naile

The new Project Veritas Action video is out. The star of this video is Hugo E. Palma of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here is how we, I had a small part, in catching Hugo E. Palma voting in Manchester, NH illegally from 345 Cilley Rd. (2016 election)

The Project Veritas Action journalists met Hugo and filmed him talking about voting in NH. It is a long and detailed capture.

Veritas emailed me and said we have a “Hugo” but no last name. I did a search on the internet using the same techniques The Coalition of NH Taxpayers usually does and came up with the possible last name and forwarded that back to Veritas and also sent the name to our background search guy, John.

John, in about fifteen minutes had “Hugo Eloy Palma Jr.” in Colorado for us, with about a half dozen former residences.

Once I had Hugo Palma’s birth date, DOB: 10/31/1988, and possible domicile in Colorado Springs from John. I contacted the County Clerk of El Paso County and confirmed Hugo E. Palma Jr. was a registered voter there.

All of this was sent to Veritas for their use and confirmation.

Now all I had to do was put Hugo in my dirt bag lowlife vote thief file. When I went to do that I found he was already in there as simply Hugo Palma!

Back in December, one of my regular contacts sent me Hugo’s name because he thought he looked like a possible interstate voter. That email had an email Hugo sent to Bernie Sanders supporters asking for temporary homes for about 200 Bernie Sanders volunteers. Along with that official Sanders Campaign email was a heartfelt thanks to “Gary and Beth” who were putting him up during the campaign and feeding him.

The Veritas journalists had a hint that Hugo was living in Warner so they asked me to bird dog it.

I went to Warner and checked the entire list of voters with those two first names – there were two.

Next, I went to 88 Waldron Hill Rd. and there were Bernie Signs and bumper stickers. Eventually the Colorado registered car showed up and I got the number from it.

Hugo is so arrogant he posted a picture of himself holding an absentee ballot as he was voting from a town hall – we did not know where but thought it might be Manchester.

Our most trusted contact in Manchester went in Manchester and confirmed Hugo was voting from Manchester City Hall. It should be noted that at this time no one knew I was working with Veritas so we had to tell our Manchester contact what was going on. He also got us the list of people who would have voted when Hugo was stealing his NH vote.

Then we had 345 Cilley Rd. – and others who used that address.

The address was an unannounced Bernie Sanders Headquarters. The officials Sanders H.Q. for Manchester 2016 was supposed to be on Hanover St.

Hugo was officially in the bag – and so is Ass. Attorney General Steven Labonte if he doesn’t legitimately, and without intent to lose, prosecute this scum bag.

Even the Union Leader picked up on this finally.