Russians Penetrated Our 2016 Election” makes a great headline for NBC but it falls a bit short when it comes to facts.

You can listen to several video clips embedded in the NBC story but beyond a general statement by various so-called election experts – there are no facts, examples, documents, or even a hint of a possible way Russians penetrated, hacked, or peeked at a single voter roll of checklist.

I have no idea yet if the journalists who came up with this headline only tale of Russian espionage, but one must wonder if some unnamed, former British spy gave them the story. Three journalists, Cynthia McFadden, William M. Arkin and Kevin Monahan started with a shocking headline, added repeated accusations, and assembled some video commentary but gave no clue as to what defines hacking, penetration, or abuse of an election, ballot, or any document or device in any state in the country.

I look for evidence of voter fraud. I can provide the names of double voters here in New Hampshire who illegally “penetrate” our elections. If Russians wanted to penetrate New Hampshire elections all they have to do is walk into any polling place and vote. It is that simple. The only paper trail they would leave would be a ballot. Why go to the trouble of hacking?

New Hampshire provides plenty of room for Russian voters who would want to throw an election. Former US Senator Kelley Ayotte lost her seat by 1,017 votes. She didn’t even have the good grace to ask for a recount on behalf of her supporters. No one is going track anyone or prosecute them.

Maybe the Russians did it? Maybe the Russians swayed the New Hampshire US Senate race! I have as much evidence that is a possibility than any headline NBC journalists can come up with – and it is more plausible.

When I was working with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, they caught four paid Australians from the Australian Socialist Party, on video, working for Bernie Sanders. They could have easily walked into any polling place in this state and voted without fear of prosecution. NH does not provide any documents with which the public could ever find out.

Russians hacking US elections indeed. NH can’t stop people from Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Vermont from altering our elections for Federal office. Russians are the least of our worries.

What Americans should be worried about is the list of journalists who came up with and perpetuate the Russian hacking myth.

Cynthia McFadden – Columbia Law School

William Arkin – University of Maryland, College Park, Policy Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government in the Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University.

Kevin Monahan – award winner NBC News

These people have in the past provided evidence for stories. When it comes to “Russians Penetrating US Elections” – nothing.

Makes you wonder.