If you are wondering what is going on with Presidents Trump’s Election Integrity Commission here is what you can expect.

The Commission was staffed with some of the best voter fraud experts in the US. Several worked with the US Justice Department or held other positions associated with elections and election laws.

To date, some states refused to give the Commission information they have requested. We learned from former commissioner in an email last week that they were stymied by lawsuits and going forward was useless.

Now the ball is back in President Trump’s court. He has the legal authority to demand states surrender certain data – under the federal laws that require states to keep it. President Trump can force states to hand over usable data. The Commission could not.

We know what information certain states are withholding and it is the quickest and easiest way to show the tip of the voter fraud iceberg because it has been proven in other states by private lawsuits initiated by voter integrity organizations we work with.

It is a well-known fact that green card holders, people who are not American citizens but who become registered to vote when they get a driver’s license, have been voting in elections for a long time – by the thousands. This easy to check problem with our so-called Motor Voter law is what some states are withholding.

We will see – in this mongoose v. cobra battle of cleaning up and preventing voter fraud, at least in Federal elections, who is prepared to go all the way.

NH has over 5,500 known out of state voters. Our guess is there at least 7,500 more who could be documented easily by comparing the NH Dept. of Safety and NH Statewide Voter Databases. Our state has not turned over usable data to the Commission.

If Secretary of State Bill Gardner thinks he has won the voter fraud information fight by only handing over useless paper records he may be in for a surprise. He will not be remembered kindly by NH citizens who realize he is not turning over to legitimate authorities, information he has at his fingertips.

As this same information from other states becomes public it will show a pattern. By law, states must keep certain voter information for only 22 months after a Federal election. President Trump should have authorities officially request that data now. The Commission did not have this power and was set up to expire Dec. 31, 2017. Time is now critical.

All legal voters in NH should be paying close attention to this issue – especially one who holds a NH US Senate seat with a 1,017 vote “win.”