Kansas just convicted a non-citizen of voter fraud, and liberals defend him.

Wichita man pleads guilty to voter fraud

A green card holder was caught registering and voting illegally in Kansas in the above-mentioned article. The comments section of this article show the rapid pro-illegal voting response team in action. It is helpful to understand what they are up to in defending voter fraud.

Peruvian citizen, Victor David Garcia Bebek, pled guilty to committing voter fraud when confronted with the case Kansas prosecutors brought against him.

This is what pro-voter-fraud apologists ignore about this case when they complain that catching one single voter doesn’t count, and should be ignored:

Bebek registered to vote illegally. That is a crime.

He gave false information to an election official.
He used false identification – probably his Kansas green card holder driver’s license.
He is not a US citizen.
He voted, once he registered illegally, on several occasions. He voted twice illegally in 2012, once in 2014, and had been on the rolls since 2011. That maximizes his illegal activity.

Unless he was stopped, Bebek could have just kept on voting, since he was already on a voter checklist and did not have to fill out a new registration.

But that doesn’t matter to pro-voter fraud apologists. They use the same smarmy excuses. They do this because they are most likely from a political entity that benefits from illegal voting. Taking money or elected positions from others by any means possible is their end game. As long as an election violation doesn’t hurt them, it is totally acceptable.

Hopefully, Mr. Bebek will be deported for stealing a US citizen’s vote. That will be the best outcome of this whole issue – except for one thing many people don’t take into consideration.

It will be the fault of the pro-voter fraud apologists for Mr. Bebek having to possibly leave a family, a job, and better future behind. See how sympathetic pro-voter fraud apologists are to minorities when it comes to the consequences for voter fraud?

Voter fraud apologists play foolish young college students for suckers as well.

Look at the first paragraph of the “Voting as a College Student” section of the NH Secretary of State web site:

I. Introduction      
Voting is a fundamental right and a responsibility of citizens in our democracy.  Under Part I, Article 11 of the New Hampshire Constitution, every inhabitant of the State of New Hampshire, who is a United States citizen and age 18 or older, is qualified to vote in New Hampshire.  Voting is the most important right because it is the right by which citizens protect all other rights. 

There are several problems with this misleading advice on student voting, right from the start: 

1. Voting is not a right. You have a fundamental right to participate in any election you are qualified to vote in. Try voting if there is no election.

2. Not every “inhabitant” who is 18, and an American citizen, can vote in NH. You must have a legal, fixed, single, domicile. And you must have abandoned your previous domicile.

This misleading statement on college student (and campaign worker) voting advice leaves out the word domicile, as if on purpose. Why would anyone wanting another person to vote legally leave out the most important word involved in the registration process?

Then the SoS web site instructions go on to use the word domicile in conjunction with the word “voting” as though there is a “domicile” and a “voting domicile.”

Go ahead and try and figure out anything consistent or clear about college student voting from the NH SoS web site. The NH SoS web site even forgets to mention that some states drop you as a citizen if you vote in another state, or it could affect durational residency requirements if you ever ran for office.

Now let’s look back at what happens when a voter registration application is put in a “welcome” basket for new arrivals to the US – who are not yet citizens. Many register to vote.

Every time a person who votes illegally is caught and prosecuted, they should look to the pro-voter fraud apologists who share some of the blame – but don’t suffer any consequences.

Progressives are all for “helping” non-citizens and college students vote – when it helps progressives. But stop and think. Aren’t these progressives the same people who try and use the ballot to take from others for their own benefit?

Make sense now?

Then to top it off they act as though they are sympathetic to those injured. Just check the comments section.