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NHPR has the “Facts” But Not the Story?

By CNHT | April 3, 2017

Here is how NHPR starts out a voter fraud exposé.

“While President Trump and some of his allies perpetuate the (unverified and unsubstantiated) idea that out-of-state voters are being sent across the border en masse to throw New Hampshire elections, we were wondering: What can we actually know about the people who are showing up to register for the first time on Election Day?”

In this obviously biased NHPR story there is a link to a file showing how many voters used an out of state driver’s license to vote in NH.

Each NH municipality keeps a list of same day voters and with each name there is a notation of which state they show ID from. I have seen these municipal lists with the notation of the contributing state marked in red for the Secretary of State’s use. I know that lists exist in each municipality. We used to call these lists, the “Addendum.” Addendums are no longer a public document. Now we just see totals.

When any municipality sends its voter addendum to the NH Secretary of State each voter’s name and given address, real or not, is in the hands of the SoS. Where does it go from there? Does the NH Secretary of State give or loan this very valuable data to anyone? I have access to the entire Massachusetts voter database with voter histories going back years. All William Gardner should do is make public, what is public information, specifically, who votes in NH. Is that so hard?

Several weeks ago, I went to Durham with a list of twelve special snowflakes who were arrested for various things snowflakes get arrested for. Of the twelve snowflakes, seven were out of state snowflakes who were also on the Durham voter checklist. If you are arrested four months after voting in NH with an out of state driver’s license, and no other form of NH domicile, you are still a resident of that state. By April 15, 2017 these snowflakes might have had to file state income tax returns for their home state. That would be an indication of their true legal domicile.

Recently, NH SoS Bill Gardner admitted to NH1 News that a NH US Senate seat may have been effected by voter fraud. Anyone with a pocket calculator can show that – with proper public documents. NH keeps those documents non-public. NH citizens should ask why.

Every time you see any elected official in NH ask them why Vermont can email their entire statewide database to anyone asking – but NH cannot.

How does NH’s “Right to Know Law” not cover something as important as the tools to uncover voter fraud?

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