Documents From Secretary of State’s Office Show No Evidence of Out-of-State Drive-By Voter Fraud

ACLU of NH Report of June 11, 2015

I have to thank the ACLU of NH for doing so much homework on voter fraud denial for me. It takes so long to explain this affliction I often find myself at a loss as to how to put it in layman’s terms. These ACLU guys have done a bang up job of using what the Secretary of State gave them in a 2015 Right to Know Request that we will need to take time to absorb it all.

Here is Part II of my series.

From the REPORT:

*In April 2015, the ACLU requested from the Office of the Secretary of State, among other things, all documents—including emails and communications—concerning incidents of actual or potential voting fraud consisting of an individual voting in a NH municipality where he or she is not domiciled from January 1, 2000 to the present.

* In response, the Secretary of State’s Office produced only 26 pages of documents from the last 15 years. And, in these documents, there was no tangible evidence presented of “drive-by” voting actually occurring in New Hampshire.

One small note of interest to readers of the ACLU-NH report and the documents obtained from the Secretary of State. I don’t see investigations of complaints I know I filed, small matter, let’s move on to some information included in the report:

Just so we don’t make a mistake. An official, Melissa K. Packard from Maine, sent an email to Anthony Stevens at the NH Secretary of State office. Ms. Packard was the Director of Elections in Maine when this occurred.

She sent a list with 39 names of Maine voters who were potentially registered and voting in multiple elections in New Hampshire. Remember that case in the papers? Neither do I. You would think then would have been a GREAT time for the NH SoS to clear up all those 39 names from Maine as a clerical error. Then he could say, “See, no voter fraud.” But no, that doesn’t appear to have happened.

Did you see any documents obtained by the ACLU-NH involving an investigation into the Maine tip about 39 possible interstate voters on the NH side? Neither do I.

And that is how voter fraud is investigated in NH, as well as many other states. If you don’t respond to the other state, how do they prosecute on their side? This is a national disgrace.

That is how, “There is no voter fraud” works. I know this going back to 1996 from personal experience with the NH AG’s Office.

Part III coming up.