by Ed Naile

Another gut wrenching, heart breaking story of voter fraud by the New York Times, a failing shadow of its former self. “Illegal Voting Gets Texas Woman 8 Years In Prison, and Certain Deportation” is the title.

Illegal Voting Gets Texas Woman 8 Years in Prison

Well it should really say: Mexican Woman Living In Texas Caught Committing Voter Fraud.

Don’t forget a photo of smiling kids with mom. Gotta have a photo of the “real” victims.

The NYT story about this green card holder voting illegally in Texas has a few missing points that bear a fair hearing.

“Mom,” Ms. Ortega, came here to Texas as an infant from Monterey, Mexico. Monterey is a nice place and she still has family there. Ms. Ortega’s mother broke up her Mexican family when she entered Texas illegally.

She claims to not know she has a green card. I doubt that. She uses the green card for other things – like renewing her Texas driver’s license.

The Texas voter registration form clearly states, in Spanish if you want one, in the first section, you are obligated to state that you are, or are not an American citizen. It is titled, Section 1: These Questions Must be Completed Before Processing.

Next are three boxes an applicant checks off to determine if it is a new application, change of address, or request for a new card. Then comes the important question you must answer: Are you a United States Citizen?

I know this because one of the citizen voter fraud investigators from Texas mailed me a dozen samples of applications where the person checked off, NO, but voted.

This time, this offender will be an example to other green card holders who get a driver’s license and vote illegally. Non-citizen voters are important because Ms. Ortega voted in 2012 and 2014 as well as 2016, the year she was caught. I would guess, knowing the history of other green card voters in other states, Ms. Ortega has voted on school bonds and budgets, zoning and planning, and local elections for office.

I don’t feel sorry for Ms. Ortega and I will not fall for the story she did not know what she was doing. When this issue of non-citizen voters is finally, seriously, addressed nationwide, we may get into the subject of who rounds these voters up and encourages them to go to the polls.

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