by Ed Naile

With the recent announcement by President Trump, regarding his intention to have a nationwide investigation of voter fraud, New Hampshire voters need to know a few extra details about what that will probably entail.

Here is what I think.

First of all, President Trump and his investigators will face a withering assault from the opposition party and their friends in the press. We all expect that.

Secondly, anyone who supports, publicly, an effort to expose voter fraud, will be countered with accusations of racism, voter suppression, etc. The usual Alinsky “isolate, target, and ridicule” program.

The meat of the issue in every state will be getting hands on the single most important group of documents the opposition party wants kept from public view. That will be the mandatory, under the HAVA (Federal Motor Voter Law) list of non-citizen licensed drivers who, when renewing their licenses, have also been found to be on their statewide voter database, also mandatory under HAVA.

As an example of how important this, secret to the public, list of non-citizen voters is I offer what happened when such a list was exposed during a suit filed in Virginia a short time ago. The Virginia Voter Alliance and J. Christian Adams of The Public Interest Legal Foundation unexpectedly won a small batch of these documents in a Virginia court.

Over 1,048 non-citizen voters were caught renewing driver’s licenses in only 8 of Virginia’s 200 counties. Between those 1,048 voters they cast, or someone else cast in their names, over 12,000 voted in local, state, and federal elections. That is just one of 50 states.

On top of this is something a bit more tricky to expose but is certainly an avenue the Trump Administration has a unique opportunity to investigate and prosecute.

Some illegal aliens are given, by our IRS, a special individual Social Security number they can use to file taxes — and in some cases — vote. The IRS will not give up these numbers under our current IRS leadership. I expect that to change.

Also, if you wonder why illegal aliens flock here, now you know.

New Hampshire is required to collect data on the above mentioned non-citizen driver’s license holders, by sharing the data in our HAVA-paid for, non-public, statewide database, with any other department in the state to check for unqualified voters. It is a perfect place to simply print out a copy of who was discovered being registered unlawfully in a short, inexpensive search.

How important to uncovering widespread voter fraud in the US is this information?
Look for some states to resist handing over this information to Federal investigators. Eric Holder being hired by California to assist them with resisting the Trump administration in any way possible, is a sure sign some parties would like to keep the status quo.

If you have any interest in understanding how pervasive voter fraud has become I offer this link to a 17-page investigation done in 2011 by the New Mexico Secretary of State. It is comprehensive and detailed. It is exactly what should be done here in NH. The unresolved complaints by election officials who turn over voter fraud evidence to investigators and prosecutors mirrors what is going on in New Hampshire.

Final SOS Interim Report-11-17-11