Enter this one into CNHT’s Hall of Fame…

Tim Horgan, the Associate Director of the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, had this to say about a group of Ukranians who visited our Concord offices in December of 2015 looking for advice on how to uncover government corruption as part of an exchange program sponsored by his organization.

“By the same token, our discussions about watchdog activists and whistleblowers varied from somewhat general and abstract – like those at the U.S. Department of Labor or at the Public Citizen in Washington, D.C.– to bright and specific case studies like the briefing with Ed Naile of the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers.

Visitors emphatically praised Ed and other NGO leaders whom they met – saying that those were role models for civil society activists in Ukraine.”

“The briefing with the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers was bright and colorful, due to the special personality of the organization’s leader, Ed Naile. The visitors praised his work and had an involving discussion with him.”

Horgan then thanked CNHT for making this such a great program.