by Ed Naile

Wow, I thought I would never write about this but it actually happened. The NH AG’s Office has dragged Carl Robert Gibson, now writing for Aljazeera and other fine web sites as “C. Robert Gibson” past a NH Grand Jury for a grand old time.

C. Robert Gibson awaits his fate at his hideaway on Center St. in Concord.

Now we wait for a trial date and the big party to he held after his conviction. I seem to be counting chickens but he did admit to the Concord paper that he had a few beers too many when he contacted media outlets posing as a Republican candidate who was dropping out of the special election a few days before the actual vote.

Now we have a chance to show readers nation wide just who C. Robert Gibson really is and what NH Republican candidates and NH voters have to put up with each election cycle.

Hey C. Robert Gibson! Repeat after me, “I’m not in Kentucky, Connecticut, Texas, or Wisconsin any more.”

Click your heels three times and go to a NH prison!!!