by Ed Naile

And we are surprised a US Census worker is trying to intimidate a citizen?

The link to the Dallas, Texas story below shows how Election 2016 is in full swing with data collectors harassing US citizens to get as much information about them as possible:

I know how pushy US Census workers can be from personal experience here in NH – at my home.

Census workers dropped by several times to collect data from my wife and I and we politely refused to be researched and entered into whatever database the information would wind up in. Let it just say “uncooperative”. They did not stop trying to get our information until a Census supervisor called to personally get a no.

As The Coalition of NH Taxpayers investigates voter fraud in NH we notice a similar association with some of the political activists who come to NH to campaign for leftist candidates and who, while they are here, steal votes. Some worked for the US Census at some point. Not all have but enough to take notice.

After giving the extra details the US Census collects now as opposed to what they are legally required to collect one never knows where that information will end up. My guess is in Democrat data lists the Obama community organizers are known for collecting. I say no thanks Barry. You go corrupt the IRS, the EPA, destroy the VA and whatever else you do but our information remains here at home.

The story out of Dallas ignores the important information about the pushy census taker – her name. If her name was in the article one could simply research some information on her like what political campaigns has she worked on and did she ever belong to ACORN.