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Sign Of The Times

By CNHT | June 13, 2015

by Ed Naile, Chairman

As I drive around my area of NH and see the Obama Economy in action, an idea for a small business evolved in my mind.

I’m thinking real estate will be the next big thing.

How about this for a killer small business: long lasting “FOR SALE BY OWNER” real estate signs that are guaranteed for five years or more.

There is a couple right here in my town, retired New York teachers, who bought a huge colonial at the peak of the market. The husband immediately got involved in local politics and penned an editorial about how he would never vote against a school budget. I call him a “yes” voter.

Whether they want to go back to NY now that the tax bill on the 1990’s investment is costing at least $1,000 per month in mostly school taxes or they want to go help another small municipality, I don’t know. But I am happy to see them go and would like to make a buck to help pay for the school bonds they voted for.

Their place has been for sale for at least five years now and. That comes to at least $55,000 in “investments” to our local schools through their NY teacher’s retirement income – since they decided to leave. Isn’t that great!

Our $21 million annual budget cooperative school is still one of the worst in the state but at least it has 300 less students then when they moved here and the annual budget was around $8 million.

That leaves me with this idea to capitalize on their financial situation. That is if they can still afford a fresh new professional sign.

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