by Ed Naile

How about a little credit everyone.

I believe I was the first one to label Superior Court Judge John Lewis as “Screwy Lewis”.

Sir Can I Have Another Scandal?

Having dealt with this arrogant, self-important, over-educated progressive judge for a number of years it is wholeheartedly rewarding to have the general public catch a glimpse of what his “court room” was like.

Lewis “accepted” a reprimand form the NH court powers that be and retired early. (Laugh track here.)

Screwy Lewis was the guy who tried to make sure that Obama had plenty of college student voters in September of 2012 when he signed on to a NH League of Liberal Women Voters petition to create “mobile domiciled voters” and then dragged the case out past the election – where it still hangs.

This guy lets Atkinson’s FORMER Police Chief Phil Consentino run rampant through that town and Screwy Lewis tried to stick CNHT’s activists in Atkinson with thousands of court fees for having the gall to bring a case against the town for not letting CNHT’s photographer, Gary Brownfield, take pictures at a Deliberative Session in 2009.

Now that Screwy Lewis will not be making any more personal decisions in his crooked court it is safe to say what he was really like.

First, his recent reprimand/retirement kick in the ass:

Screwy Lewis tried to tag our guys in Atkinson with something like $30,000.00 in court costs for filing an equity case against Atkinson and along with that there was an effort to grab all of our emails between each other for several years. Thanks to our attorney, and Screwy Lewis not wanting to go to court, on the record doing so, we settled on a Mexican Standoff – Gentleman’s Agreement. This is a legal term for municipal court cases you have to experience firsthand to understand.

Screwy Lewis has left the Hanna Rivers v. NH case hanging in mid-air. That is the mobile domicile invention he created before the 2012 election.

I still get notices for the NH State Supremes about the time I have left to file with their office. That isn’t happening.

In NH you are never more safe that when you outside a court room.

As with most thugs, they seem to step in it after they get too arrogant and careless.

When you look at Screwy Lewis’s pedigree, Dartmouth, Columbia, Fulbright Scholarship, it seems odd that it took this long.