Letter to the Editor;

The NH Legislature made a mistake, according to the Democrats in the legislature. This by over-riding the acceptance pf Federal Obamacare, by the Republicans in the NH Legislature All the other states, where Federal Obamacare, was rejected, was by action of the Governor, and presumably a Republican.

Yet, among the organizations, who presented this information to me, made no effort to market this information. Depending on source, somewhere between 15 and 20 other states, by action of the respective, governor vetoed Federal Obamacare. Despite this, State Medicaid is still in place, for those who think Government should baby You.

Doctors I have delivered this info to, here in NH, say thank you, there is a God, who looks out for those who think little of Federal Obamacare, and those who put it together, as otherwise mutilating something originally derived from Romney-care in Massachusetts, before Obama was elected, through varied frauds applied by the Democrat Party, and its agents, with special attention to burying the knowledge that Obama himself is not now, nor ever has been a Citizen. Which idea can be backed up by the candidates own words, and some damn good laughs by his cousins, in what is Now, Kenya.

Some few of the states, besides NH, to reject Federal Obamacare, include Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin. A free market provided idea, has been presented by Mike Lee, R-US Senate, Utah, and publicized in National Review, for November 25, 2013. In NH, it will be submitted by Jeb Bradley, currently a State Senator, from Wolfborough, and formerly a member of the US House. Spread the word, beyond the scope of this letter.

For Liberty, Howard L.Wilson
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party NH
Andover, NH 02316