Nothing says “public confidence” more than a State Attorney General’s Office which has removed an elected County Attorney from his office for over two months and not charged him with a crime, except a State Attorney General who does not prosecute the New London Police Chief for trading dropped charged for nude pictures of a female victim.

Welcome to New Dumpster, 2014!

I have the distinct honor of being involved with tracking down voters in New Dumpster who live in and are residents of other states.

And this same AG’s Office holds the position that if you didn’t vote TWICE you could not have committed voter fraud.

(I imagine that will change when we get to that stage of the game. It will be “Well what can WE do about it?)

But the Elections Division of the N.D. AG’s Office sticks with the imbecilic and unconstitutional scam that if “in your mind” you have presence in N.D. you can vote here – legally.

Let’s see how the County Attorney deal turns out in 2014 if the N.D. Ag can figure out some charges.

Or is this about November, 2014?

And in what state or town will the former, pension spending, police chief/nude photographer wind up?

Welcome to New Dumpster, 2014.