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No News Is Good News?

By Ed Naile | September 18, 2013

Ace reporters from a nationally known liberal paper cover a mystery:,0,6131554.story

What to do about a ban on flip flops in local parks, oh what to do.
Some officials get quoted in this article as being opposed to the progressive ban – now that it is in effect.

Nice thing to be opposed to something that makes no sense and is suddenly unpopular.

And as is with most stories you read about up being down and down being up – not a single person responsible for the policy has a name.

The news agenda is always the same: now that it is the law we have to obey it and there is nothing we can do as simpleminded citizens oh well.

The one thing lacking in the story is a trace of who implemented the policy, when and by what means.

At least we know where.

Always running cover for overzealous bureaucrats is a full time job for most American media, maybe this is why they are having trouble selling this pro-government agenda.

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