This mostly complimentary letter was published in the Laconia Daily Sun regarding the death of our friend and hero, Bob Kingsbury. A CNHT fan sent it to us with this commentary after reading Huot’s comments.

David O. Huot

I was absolutely SHOCKED by the pithy letter written by Laconia House Representative David O. Huot, Laconia concerning the recent death of a real patriot – former House Representative Bob Kingsbury.

Mr. Huot said, “Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office ….”

WHAT? Tell me Mr. Huot, what are the views one must possess to serve in public office in the kingdom you would control?

Your comment is outrageous. It’s disgusting. It’s frightful. It’s soaked and steeped in control.

Let me understand your position, and correct me if I’m wrong. You feel the views of certain people in the community should never be spoken from up on the dais.

We live in the USA Mr. Huot, not in the People’s Republic of Huotland. Mr. Kingsbury was fulfilling his God-given right of the First Amendment of the US Constitution, a document that you seem to feel is just a set of recommendations.

I’ve got one last question for you Mr. Huot. Are you related to George Orwell by any chance? Your comment about the Honorable Mr. Kingsbury convinces me you’d fit right in wallowing in the barnyard with a few of the animals in one of his books, the ones that feel they’re more equal than other animals.

Tim Carter, Meredith, NH