by Ed Naile

Today I found out from an article in the Manchester Paper that there was another “investigation” into voter fraud by someone.

Good grief! The article I read doesn’t even say who investigated this example of voter fraud. Read on readers: This time it was, again, a Republican being accused of voter fraud. How interesting. Here is what I know from reading the news story about this investigation that doesn’t mention the NH AG’s Office.

State Senator Jeb Bradley has a son who voted in NH in 2008 and records from other states indicate that his son also voted from his college residence at Colorado State in the same year.

Another big story from the same investigative reporter at the Manchester Paper was about State Rep. Neil Kurk, who’s daughter lives in Hawaii , but votes here in Weare, New Hampshire; not Hawaii .

She has a NH driver’s license and considers NH her home. She has done this for years and I knew about it – having a NH driver’s license kind of dropped that issue for me. I am more interested in non-resident voters who have no business voting here, no relatives, no connection. I keep finding non-residents from the Obama campaign voting here illegally, something the AG and the investigative reporter from the Manchester Paper never seem to stumble across.

Imagine my surprise to find out that the NH Attorney General is not quoted in the recent article about voter fraud.

There is no AG quote.

There is not one reference to an AG investigation.

The investigative reporter has quotes from several sources but not the New Hampshire AG?

Wow! Do know how stinking hard it is to try to confirm the voting history of someone in another state? I do. And to think that the Manchester Paper’s investigative journalist has a ton of information from Colorado . Must be nice to pick up the phone and get those records – or even a call back

I had a heck of a time getting the voting history of Organizing for America ’s, Paolo Cozzi, the Somerville Ma. resident who voted from Democrat State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald’s non-resident flophouse in Nashua .

Same thing with the voting history of non-resident voters from Organizing for America who we located in North Carolina , Virginia , Fla., etc. hard stuff to get over the phone without help.

So how in the world does the crack reporter from the Manchester Paper do it?

And I have a question. Did someone file a complaint about Jeb Bradley’s son – or are we just investigating Republicans here in NH?

Hey, investigative reporter! I would certainly like some help finding double voters as well. The only way I can do it is by going through records of the state they live in or go to school in.

Currently, I would like to have the voting history of: Melissa Shohet (note the caption), of Hawaii, DC, and Ct. who voted from NH Assistant Attorney General Mike Brown’s home in Salem, NH.

Or if I can’t get some help with that: The voting history of Daniel K. Barluschke, of Ma., Canada, and Germany, who voted from the Milford home of Millie Knudsen of the NH AG’s Office.

Now I don’t expect the investigative journalist from the Manchester Paper to dig this up for me, just let me, or your readers know how you come to have all this out of state information so easily.

And if you get this info about the NH AG’s Office employees harboring Organizing for America workers and letting them vote from their homes in NH – write a story about it – or about how I am wrong.