by Ed Naile
By now it might be apparent that there is a small but determined group of people in NH who are fed up with voter fraud – and who are able to do something about it.

“Thinking Outside the Ballot Box” is what I call it, for lack of a better term.

And today we offer up on the slab another dissection of a young political career.

Janice Rottenberg, Come On Down!!!

Oh Janice, you naughty thing, voting from State Representative Cindy Rosenwald’s single family home in Nashua, while you were up here with Organizing for America (A.C.O.R.N.).

Did someone tell you it was OK to slip onto New Hampshire for a political campaign, stay at the home of a NH State Representative while she was running for re-election, and steal a vote from a real, taxpaying citizen?

But then you are a young thing.

Maybe you didn’t know that New Hampshire is full of people who have worked on campaigns and who know a thing or two about politics. That isn’t your fault.

I can lay much of that problem on our NH Secretary of State, AG’s Office and liberals in the Legislature. They created the velvet trap you landed in.

That being old news, here is some bad news, you are the new news!

It has come to our attention that you are currently working on a hot gubernatorial race in Virginia. You are the Regional Director for one Terry McAuliffe for Governor.

Wow, have you come up in the world since sneaking out of Rep. Rosenwald’s house. (And I see from the newLinkedIn page you can now comb your hair.)

Where are you registered to vote now Janice? I think you are still on the checklist in Nashua?

No matter, I will find out because I have some friends in Virginia who are politically connected to the Young Republicans group down there.

Here is the fun part.

One, a good pal, grew up in New Hampshire. What a small world.

Funny thing about NH, Janice, we now have a new election law of the jungle. I like to call it: SAME-DAY VOTER REVELATION

Here is how it works.

I found out you are involved in a really dirty campaign in Virginia, working for a low-life Clinton money man turned candidate – after stealing a vote here in my state, naturally, I pick up the phone and call:

(703) 766-0635, that would be the number for Cuccinelli for Virginia, and I will talk to the Cuccinelli for Virginia, Regional Director! It is that simple.

This same thing happened to Geoff Wetrosky, vote and sign stealer from South Dakota, who voted from an “insane asylum” here in NH back in 2005. Just as Geoff’s career was blasting off as Hillary’s campaign manager in South Dakota he and I were going back and forth on S.D. talk radio.

What a distraction. (Check out his career NOW?)

Anyway, Janice, we will be looking into where else you are registered to vote, have voted, lived, campaigned, etc.

Go BING yourself in a couple days to keep up to date.