by Ed Naile

Nothing like a public/private corporation to hide public information, I mean, isn’t that why we create them in the first place?

Judge says Pennichuck not subject to state’s right-to-know law

“NASHUA – Workers at Pennichuck Corp. were denied a permanent injunction by a judge to bar the publication of their names and salaries, but the public still won’t get to see the information.

That’s because Judge Jacalyn Colburn decided that Pennichuck Corp., sold to the city of Nashua in February, is not considered a public body as defined under the state’s right-to-know law.

The decision, entered this week in Hillsborough County Superior Court, may bring an end to the lawsuit filed by United Steelworkers, ALF-CIO, which represents a majority of Pennichuck Corp. workers.”

Here is the problem, or list of problems.

The City of Nashua used taxpayer money to buy a private water company, so they could “run it better.”

Notice the distinction – the city used taxpayer money. The city has no money, they take it from people who live inside their city limits and water district boundaries if need be.

1. The City of Nashua governing bodies made a deal with a private company, presented to taxpayers as one thing, and now we find it is another – so far.

2. Some disgruntled steel workers did not want their names and salaries posted in public. They lost the case they brought but in the end of this decision, won what they wanted – so far.

3. A Superior Court Judge apparently doesn’t know anything about the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A – or maybe she does.

4. Off to the State Supreme Court for a new Pennachuck decision regarding public/private which should mirror the LGC case just decided against LGC and still in flux.

We have the same old New Hampshire pit fall.

1. Voters go and buy something with taxpayer money they have no business buying.

2. Once the purchase is over and all the behind the scenes deals are complete, the parties have divided up the loot and power, taxpayers find out the real story.

3. Once someone finds out they have been screwed they go to court.

5. In court, a judge gets an opportunity to re-write any law they want to suit themselves and their pals – remember, not that long ago we impeached a supreme court judge for rigging a divorce of another judge.

6. Everyone pays to trot off to the supreme court for a ruling most anyone could have predicted would happen.

Court in New Hampshire is not where you go for justice.

It is where you give judges an opportunity to do what they please, so the Legislature can follow along like a guy with a shovel after a parade.