The House and Senate will meet to vote on CACR 12 on June 6th, Wednesday at 10 AM. Please call or email your legislators as soon as possible. Instruct them to KILL CACR 12.

If this constitutional amendment is passed by the House and the Senate, which requires a 3/5 vote, it goes onto the ballot in November where it needs a 2/3 vote to pass.

If adopted, CACR 12 will ADVERSELY affect homeschooling in NH. In a recent letter to Republican House members, GOP leadership admits that it grants the Legislature’s full power and authority to make “[r]easonable standards INCLUDE charter schools, school-choice and HOME SCHOOLING…”

If the People grant the State this new “responsibility” to make “reasonable standards” for home schooling, any gains home schoolers may have earned this year will be completely reversed, especially when Democrats rule the Legislature. Those who tell you that this amendment does not affect home schoolers are absolutely wrong!

Deputy Speaker Pete Silva (letter to Republican House members):

“One responsibility is to maintain a system of public elementary and secondary education. The State’s discretion with respect to this responsibility is to make reasonable standards for elementary and secondary public education and reasonable standards of accountability. Reasonable standards include charter schools, school-choice and home schooling, and allowing local school districts to set standards not inconsistent with the state standards.”