If you feel that the current property assessing and taxing practices in New Hampshire are often unfair and inequitable, then we invite you to join Frank Handibode of Hebron at an upcoming grievance hearing in the NH House of Representatives on October 20, 2011.

Frank believes that his property is not fairly taxed so he appealed for redress to the NH Legislature in Concord. He was granted a hearing which is set for Thursday, October 20th at 10 AM in Room 303 of Legislative Office Building, the LOB, (directly behind the state house with the gold dome.)

Representative Duffy Daugherty, Coos District 1, has presented the petition. Among other things, Mr. Daugherty, on Frank’s behalf, is attempting to stop the towns and assessors from applying “separate subjective factors such as those related to views as indicated on current property cards” more commonly known as the “View Tax.”

If five non-collaborating assessors come to a property on five different days, it is almost certain that five different tax values will result. The reason is simple. There are no written guidelines for assessing views leaving assessors to play the “I’ll know its value when I see it” game.

This is the sort of arbitrary tax that Mad King George the 3rd of England would have loved to impose on the subjects in the colonies! We all know how that story ended.

Frank cannot imagine that he is the only property owner in the state who feels this way. If you believe that your own property is not fairly assessed, for any reason, come to Room 303, LOB in Concord on October 20th.

Grievance Petition