SB 16 is a NH Senate bill that has been co-sponsored by Sen. Barnes, Jr., Dist 17; Sen. Boutin, Dist 16; Sen. Carson, Dist 14; Sen. Forsythe, Dist 4; Sen. Gallus, Dist 1; Sen. Lambert, Dist 13; Sen. Merrill, Dist 21; Sen. Odell, Dist 8; Sen. Prescott, Dist 23; Sen. Stiles, Dist 24; Sen. White, Dist 9; Rep. Hoelzel, Rock 2; Rep. Major, Rock 8; Rep. Duarte, Rock 1; Rep. Jasper, Hills 27; Rep. Chandler, Carr 1 would help eradicate the problem of citizens’ petitioned warrant articles being demolished as to their intent.

According to the NHLA bill reviewers, “This bill requires a town that has adopted official ballot voting to retain the substance of the subject matter of a warrant article when it is amended.”

SB 16 was passed and adopted with amendment in the Senate on 1/19/2011.

The House Committee on Municipal and County Government will hear the bill (please check back) and it is due out on 5/26/2011. Please contact the Committee and let them know what you think!