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Participation in this plan over the past several years has cost family households in the state millions of dollars in higher electricity bills. The argument to justify this “tax” is that it funds “green energy” projects that will create jobs here in the state.

This is one of the biggest canards used to make people feel better about paying higher taxes and letting the government spend their money. Every program that big government supporters propose these days is put in the context of saving or creating jobs. This is the same language the Democrats used to get the stimulus bill passed which didn’t really impact the unemployment rate, but did result in huge deficits and debts. So what kind of job creation comes about when government enacts the type of “green energy” programs that RGGI funds? Fortunately there are numerous examples to look at.

Joseph D’Aleo was the first Director of Meteorology at the Weather Channel and has over 30 years experience in professional meteorology. Mr. D’Aleo is a long time resident of Hudson.