Until a bill is introduced into the House, the sponsors are allowed to remove their support.

House Record: Wednesday, January 26, 2011– Last day to introduce HBs.

House rule 38(d):
Any sponsor may request that his or her name be deleted as a sponsor of the bill prior to its introduction.

***If folks want to help stop the criminalization of homeschoolers, please call these bill sponsors and ask that they withdraw their support. This is URGENT! Pass this information to all your friends***

2011-H-0827-R Title: amending the home education statutes. Sponsors: (Prime) James Parison, Paul Mirski, Charles Sova, Raymond White, Sharon Carson

Rep. Parison’s Phone: (603) 878-5001
Rep. Mirski’s Phone: (603) 632-5555
Rep. Sova’s Phone: (603) 523-4578
Sen. White’s Phone: (603) 271-3569
Sen. Carson’s Phone: (603) 271-2674

Some of the sponsors may believe that they are “supporting homeschooling” and haven’t read the bill. A couple of them certainly know what they’re proposing. Please CALL as many of them as possible and explain that there are better homeschooling bills than LSR 827. Leave a message instructing them to remove their support if you can’t get through immediately.

Here’s the updated comparison chart of three homeschooling bills.

LSR 828 may change as the sponsor is still working on it, but any amendment that Rep. Hoell comes up with will respect parent’s rights. So there’s no need to wait.

Both LSR 755 and 828 are good bills that support the rights of homeschoolers. LSR 827 was written by out-of-state lobbyists and criminalizes homeschoolers. There’s a big difference between supporting and undermining homeschoolers.

Note: LSR 827 has now been assigned a bill number HB 301