by Ed Naile

We sold out all right.

The American Legion Hall in Hillsborough seats about 300 people and from noon until two o’clock we had a steady stream of activists and candidates coming to and stopping by our Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Family Reunion until that mark was well met.

The first thing you notice about our event is: everyone comes to talk.

Our taxpayer activists see each other at this event and share stories and info about municipal government. Some of our friends have read about other CNHT activists involved in the same local battles they have been in but may have never met them in person until the CNHT Family Reunion.

Think about it. Where else would you go for in-depth/hands-on information about spending caps, property assessments, municipal budgets, pro se litigation, or any of the long list of municipal issues CNHT covers.

Foolishly, we have in the past tried to have music or a schedule but have found that one on one contact is why our grass roots activists show up. If you are a candidate who wants to meet boots on the ground municipal activists, it pays to mingle.

Kudos to P.J. O’Rourke our key note speaker who did capture most everyone’s attention with his on point description of government doing what it does best – constantly achieving a higher standard of “Let’s try something we know doesn’t work again.”