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Grafton Treasurer Gets Fourth Chance

By CNHT | May 19, 2010

In two years that she’s been Grafton County treasurer, Montana resident and student Vanessa Sievers of has been raising the ire of her fellow board members by missing meetings and failing to do the job for which she was elected.

Once again she has promised to at least show up at meetings and to use the website she set up two years ago to keep on top of things.

In an article in the Concord Monitor, it stated that she is so unfamiliar with her fellow board members she can’t pronounce some of their names.

The Valley News went on to say that her cell phone has a Montana area code. Perhaps her Montana residency explains why she doesn’t understand the “NH Way” and that regardless of new technology, these once-per-month evening meetings are the bare minimum that would be expected of someone who is handling that kind of money for the county.

This is a good example of voter fraud gone wild.

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