Taxpayers in Wolfboro took note that the House voted 202-148 to defeat House Bill 1522, which merely would have clarified the right of citizens to enact a tax cap in their municipality if they wished to do so. Now I don’t know about you, but that is a real slap in the face to citizens of New Hampshire. If the voters in a town or city wish to control spending with a tax or spending cap, as such towns and cities as Nashua, Derry, Manchester, Franklin and Laconia, they certainly should have the right if they can muster the majority.
The ULs take on it…

“Last Wednesday, the state House of Representatives voted 202-148 to deny you the option to decide whether to cap local spending or taxes.

The bill in question, House Bill 1522, did not require spending or tax caps. It simply would have clarified that localities may cap spending or tax increases if voters wanted to. Several New Hampshire municipalities already cap taxes or spending. They include Nashua, Manchester, Derry, Franklin and Laconia.”