How many Grafton County taxpayers rushed to get all of their year’s taxes in on a timely basis?
Answer: 12 Million Dollars worth.

How much interest do we lose when 12 Million Dollars is NOT invested for one month?
Answer: $20,000 Dollars @ 2%.

How much of that 12 Million is NOT insured by the FDIC if it is NOT collateralized in more than one bank?
Answer: $11.75 Million uninsured.

Who was on vacation from mid December through mid January (one month)?
Answer: Montana bound County Treasurer, Vanessa Sievers(D).

Are you beginning to understand where I am going with this?
Answer: 12 Million dollars of taxes collected on December 17th has NOT been invested and has NOT been insured for ONE month by a “vacationing” Treasurer Sievers(D).

Is it invested and insured now?
Answer: Go ask Vanessa Sievers greatest enabler, State Representative Carol Friedrich(D).

What is the solution to this mess?
Answer: In November of this year, elect someone that has a proven record investing the county taxes AND is a taxpaying resident of Grafton County.