Update 2014: NH to Explore Seasonal Camper Tax

According to an older article [no longer available] in the Tri-Town Times, the assessing company Avitar Associates has decided that they will levy a tax on seasonal vehicles that are parked at various Hampstead area campgrounds. These seasonal vehicles are movable and bear DMV license tags, and as such, the owners are challenging whether the town has the right to tax these at all.

“There’s a lot of the bitterness that has come out of what has happened, and it has to do with what we perceive as a very arbitrary assessment,” Bresunhan said. “My neighbor has a 20-year-old trailer assessed at, $5,600. I’d be interested to know how this happened. There’s no rhyme, reason or logic to this.”

Another camper at Sanborn Shores said not only was his camper assessed at $2,000 more than the purchase price, but if the campers are to pay taxes, they should receive access to the school system, and be able to vote in town elections. He asked the board to abate all taxes until more research is completed on the assessment process.

Readers may note that Avitar is the same company that invented the ‘View Tax’.