Press Release from NH Advantage Coalition – March 9, 2009

Claremont and Somersworth File for 2009 Spending Cap Vote

Nashua, NH – Today, Claremont resident Cynthia Howard in association with the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC) filed a petitioner’s committee affidavit with the Claremont City Clerk to begin the petition process for a spending/tax cap charter amendment for the city’s budget. On Tuesday March 10th, Somersworth resident Real Roseberry, also with the help of NHAC plans to file a petitioner’s affidavit with the Somersworth City Clerk.

Michael Biundo, Chairman of NHAC stated; “We look forward at NHAC to continue to work with the taxpayers of both Claremont and Somersworth on this effort. In these tough economic times it is even more important that government spends taxpayer money as frugally and efficiently as possible.”

Claremont taxpayer Cynthia Howard stated the city’s spending has to be controlled, “I have been speaking with residents about the tax burden in Claremont most have mentioned that the taxes are making Claremont unaffordable”. She continued “I did the research about a spending cap, and with 24 other petitioners we believe that this proposal is a reasonable way for Claremont to address the cause of our highest in the state tax rate, by controlling spending.

Somersworth taxpayer Real Roseberry stated “This proposed charter amendment is the only way to control spending in order to reduce our tax burden on Somersworth residents”. He continued “the continual increases in spending that drives our taxes up must be controlled and this proposed charter amendment does just that.”

The affidavit will now be sent to the NH Attorney General, NH Department of Revenue, and the Secretary of State’s office for review and pending their acceptance petitions will be distributed to the petitioner’s committee. This process will be taking place over the next several months and we encourage citizens to look at the proposal and learn about the spending cap. This is a opportunity for the city that played a key role in the creation of the statewide property tax to limit spending, and avoid many of the painful cuts the city is now considering in the future by reducing unsustainable growth.

For more information please contact: Matthew Murphy, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition 603-475-8435