by Ed Naile

Available Without A License – And It Fits In A Drawer

I have a friend who happens to be a lawyer.

I know, I know, he is a friend in any case. His name is Evan Nappen and he just did the State of New Hampshire’s collective citizenry a big favor. He wrote a book titled:

“New Hampshire Gun, Knife, and Weapon Law”

So why is a taxpayer activist touting a gun owner book, or should I say Second Amendment book.

Here is why. It has all the elements needed by any taxpayer, gun owner, property owner, small government activist, or other freedom-loving individual to protect their rights by understanding how laws work – and how they are interconnected.

Evan’s book starts with frequently asked questions. This allows a person who is not ready to delve into 400 pages of legal jargon to put a finger on something he is definitely interested in. Call it a buffet of very useful information you can find quickly. Take a taste where you like. Sample a bit more and next thing you know you have consumed enough about NH firearms law to be comfortable.

If that isn’t enough, Evan has what he calls “Nappen’s Notes” for when a bit more information is needed and spelled out in layman’s terms.

He even includes NH Fish and Game Laws – get it? This would be and activity where people are most likely to have guns, knives, or other weapons.

As a taxpayer activist I often have to read a statute and go research any number of court cases mentioned as important to that law. My next step is to go to the municipal law section of NH Practice and Procedure to find out more about any zoning, tax, or other municipal issue.

Evan Nappen’s book has it all in one place and it is easy to read.

And here is why I think that is critically important to many of us.

Once you understand your rights, NH statutes, administrative rules, the State and US Constitutions and how they relate to each other and work as a whole you are much more prepared to keep and defend the rights you are born with as an American.


A few years back I had a moderator of an election (in an un-named place that rhymes with “Goffstown”) tell me he was going to have the police officer standing beside him remove me from the polling place. My infraction was that I was walking around. I was a credentialed poll watcher of a US Senate candidate

I told the moderator I had the election laws in my van and would go out and get them then happily have the officer remove me – after we read them together. The officer drifted away and I was not pursued by the moderator again. Here we had a simple solution for a potentially embarrassing problem for the officer and moderator – know the law.

Let’s say you are a Second Amendment buff and take your Constitutional rights seriously, by reading Evan’s book you will develop the same understanding of how laws and government work in the area you will most often come in contact with them, your every day life. Its nice to sit around and debate the constitutionality of a traffic ticket with friends but get pulled over by a police officer illegally and actually knowing a few things helps for real.

I am on the Board of Directors of Pro-Gun NH with Evan (As far as I know they have not kicked me off for lack of helping them – sorry guys!). I work with the Second Amendment guys and gals as much as possible because gun owners have a healthy respect for what government will take from you if you do not stand up to it. Ditto the pro-life crowd.

Here is what I find.

Gun owners and elected officials who support them, are most often NOT the ones out to tax you out of your home or shut down your livelihood. Liberal anti-gun nuts are.

You can contact Evan at 1-888-4-GUN-LAW if you want to learn about what it takes to be an informed NH citizen.

Tell him Ed sent ya.


See how to get Evan’s books on our Resources pages in the Books section.